Hello, I am Shalabh Aggarwal!

VP of Engineering @ Savii | FinTech | Lending | Startup Advisor | Programmer | Author

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I am an experienced Software Engineering Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. I have worked across multiple business domains some of which are Fintech, B2B enterprise systems, E-Commerce, 3D visualisation, AI/ML based smart systems, etc..

I am skilled in Python, Javascript, Go, databases and related technologies. I have experience of working with software companies ranging from early age startups to mid sized organisations to big tech giants at different levels ranging from individual contributor to leading and managing large teams. I am a strong engineering professional with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Technology Management from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

I am also the published author of the series of Flask framework cookbooks.

ERP Consultancy

ERP consultant in Python based Open Source ERPs like Tryton and OpenERP.

Python based Web Development

E-Commerce system design and development based on various Python based web frameworks. Planning, design and development of web interface for E-commerce systems and other web portals.

Business Analysis

Analysing business processes for implementing new systems, upgrading older systems or migration from legacy systems. Advising small and medium sized business across the globe on the best approach to optmize business processes via use of ERP Systems.

Vice President of Engineering

Aug 2021 - NowSavii (Formerly Uploan)

Heading everything technology at Savii.

Director - Technology

May 2020 - Aug 2021BharatPe

Spearheaded BharatPe's lending vertical.
* Helped merchant loans to grow 15X in 6 months from Oct'20 to Mar'21 by building new products, scaling existing offerings and improving overall engineering processes.
* Led the development and delivery of the innovative D2R product (Distributor to Retailer).
* Developed and scaled the suite of institutional financing / invoice financing products multifold.
* Led the development and delivery of BharatPe's first secured lending product in Gold Loans.
* Led the development and delivery of BharatPe's first consumer product (12% Club) which is unique combination of P2P deposit and lending.
* Led the development and delivery of credit score product.
* Led multiple initiatives and established processes which helped the overall engineering to improve and scale.
* Building multiple new products to help the organisation widen its overall suite of products.
Earlier led the merchant and support platform for BharatPe.
* Led the development and delivery of FoS (Fleet on Street) app.
* Integrated multiple 3rd party tools to improve the customer support experience.
* Led the development and delivery the chatbot in BharatPe app.
* Revamped multiple internal portals to improve the overall efficiency of the organisation.
In terms of technology, I have strongly advocated the adoption of microservices architecture in BharatPe. This has led to successfully handling of the exponentially increasing scale that BharatPe caters. I have also led many of legacy systems to be migrated from PHP to Java/Golang. Also I have overseen the delivery and deployment processes to be overhauled to adopt better tools and practices.

Senior Engineering Manager - Core Systems and Fintech

Oct 2019 - Apr 2020Ralali.com

Spear-headed the strategy, plan and development of Fintech arm of Ralali.com in the form of multiple products like Lending, Insurance, Bill payments etc.
Led the core systems team at Ralali which ensures that the heart of the system is always beating and also had the responsibility of moving the entire system from Laravel based monolith to multi-language microservices.

Technical Manager

May 2017 - Oct 20193Pillar Global

Responsible for creating, mentoring, managing and leading team(s) of engineers to perform end-to-end development of products for various clients, using multiple technologies. I made sure that the product is delivered as per agreed upon timelines with consistent quality.
Led teams of different sizes in development of variety of products. The teams comprise of UX designers, software developers, QA and Devops engineers. The teams’ sizes ranged from 10-25 engineers and designers depending on the nature of the product.
Led teams on various iOS and web applications development and delivery. The web applications are developed using Python as backend and Angular or ReactJS on frontend.
Led the complete infrastructure setup, scaling and automation on multiple levels using Microservices (cloud-first and otherwise) with on-premise data centers as well as cloud providers like AWS.
The hiring manager for Python in the organisation.

Senior Software Engineer

Feb 2016 - May 2017Pretlist

As one of the founding members of the core engineering team, I was responsible for architecture design, technology selection, product development, hiring and mentoring the egineering team towards the development of the first versions of the flagship product "Cobit".
I led the development of the overall backend, Android mobile app as well as the ReactJS based web application. The backend was developed in Golang.

Specialist, Tools Development

Nov 2013 - Jan 2016Google

As a Specialist in Tools Development at Google, I was responsible for development and maintenance of multiple Google tools basically in BI domain which help several teams across Google to function and perform their jobs effectively in AdTech.
The primary technologies involved in the development of above tools was Python and AngularJS.

Chief Technology Officer

Jan 2011 - Nov 2013Openlabs Technologies & Consulting (P) Ltd.

As the first employee, founding member and CTO of a startup, I had to wear a lot of hats which include from being a strategist to a hardcore developer to a chauffeur.
I worked with the business as well as the technical teams to strategise, develop and deliver company's internal and customer projects. Overseeing the development of research projects was one of my major roles. Development of complex integrations between various systems is something that I had to deal with on daily basis.
One of the major contributors of Nereid, a web framework built over Flask with Tryton as a backend, a popular and stable open source application framework used primarily for business automation solution

Team Lead and Technical Developer

Jul 2010 - Oct 2010Openlabs Technologies & Consulting (P) Ltd.

As the Team Lead, I led a team of 3+ developers to make sure the projects undertaken by the company are completed and delivered on time without any compromise in the quality and innovation promised by the company to the clients.

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

2013 - 2016

Major or Area of study: Executive Master's Programme in Technology Management

IMS Engineering College

2006 – 2010

Major or Area of study: Information Technology

Delhi Public School


AISSCE, PCM + Informatics Practices

St. Mary’s Convent School


ICSE, All compulsory subject + Computer Science